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The Art of Simon


'Jester B' returned on 15th November with a new show highlighting the incredible music, songwriting and harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel



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Poynton Live


Meet some of the performers who have appeared live, or are about to make their debut, in Poynton.

Poynton Live


Are you organising a live music event or performing? Let us know and we'll promote it free of charge on this website.

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Poynton Live is closing down on December 31st 2019

After five years, we’ve decided it’s time to move on and so we’re bringing down the final curtain on ‘Poynton Live’. It’s been really good; we’ve had some great times and met some wonderful people, we’d like to think that it has helped organisers promote events and helped people to find out about them. And we sincerely hope that it has made a difference to social lives in the village.

Things have changed a lot over the years, and we see that social media platforms, including Poynton Live's, are successfully facilitating promotions everywhere meaning there’s less need for dedicated websites.

Finally, we’d like to thank everybody for their contributions and the many people and organisations that have supported us - and we hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as we have!

So, it’s goodnight from us….

Geoff, Les and Mike

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Great for Poynton People

Epiphany If you want to go out and enjoy the lively cultural scene that flourishes in our village then you need look no further than Poynton Live.

With an events calendar and a 'What’s On' guide you’ll be sure you don’t miss out. And don’t forget you can now buy tickets online for many events.

Great for Performers

The Haley SistersWhether you’re a musician wanting to promote your gig or a singer, actor or dancer you need to make sure you place it on Poynton Live.

People in Poynton are always looking for places to go for entertainment and you want to make sure your name is up there with all the others.

Great for Presenters

Jason Manford's Comedy ClubIf you’re organising any kind of event, be it a gig or a concert, a dance or a play you need to be on Poynton Live.

And don’t forget you can now sell tickets online via the website which makes it much less work for you and much easier for people to purchase them.