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Like a Samba?

Idly watching telly last night I enjoyed a programme about ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ which, quite apart from showing some lovely places I will never be able to afford to visit showed how many talented musicians there are around the world – especially if you open your minds to what they’re doing.

Many guitarists are strangely conservative in their tastes, they don’t like samba or any other jazzy stuff and will only consider rock or blues as worth the effort but in my experience it pays to look further afield. The Girl from Ipanema is a really good place to start.

In my own case it was this famous Antonio Carlos Jobim song that first opened my eyes to begin to learn about how different chords, scales and fingerings could free up the fingerboard and, if you haven’t already learned to play it, you really should have a go.

No doubt those of you who are of the ‘three chords and the truth’ persuasion will be unmoved by my suggestion but, if you would like to free up your playing and go beyond the minor pentatonic believe me you won’t regret it. So go on, lift your music with some ‘lift music’ – you won’t regret it!

Bye for now,

Les Renshaw.