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So what guitar strings do you use then?

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So what strings do you use then?

It’s a bit of a cliché but one of the most common questions guitarists get asked is what strings do they use? Well of course there are all sorts of answers to this question and, depending on who you ask, they’re all going to say something different. A more important question to ask is why do you want to know? Most probably it’s because you’re not happy with your sound or playing.

Your guitar is important of course because some strings will suit it better than others; especially when it comes to electric v. acoustic guitars due to the technical effects of the wood and electronics. And obviously the style of music is important because strings that suit bendy blues and high speed rock don’t usually work well for big acoustic strumming sounds.

As a general rule though, a heavier gauge and a higher action will give you better tone and more volume and this is also true of a wound, rather than plain third string. Another issue for me (but obviously not everybody) is that I find very light strings hard to keep in tune!

From my own perspective I use the same make and gauge (.012) on all my guitars but with different metals for acoustic and electric. I also prefer coated strings as they sound better for longer and are easier to play on. Over time I have found that if possible you should try and stick to one type and gauge and work with it because with practice your fingers will become accustomed to it quite quickly.

Bye for now,

Les Renshaw.